Do you want to access capital immediately without the nuisance of passing useless or infinite challenges and verifications? Yes? Then OFP is here for YOU!

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TARGETS No Profit TargetsPayouts are paid only after reaching profit targets.
PAYOUTS1 weekly or month after the purchase, depending on the account selected.After reaching the profit target. Payouts are received on average after 2-3 months from the purchase.
ACCOUNT TYPES3 account types between the weekly and monthly accounts.Just 1 type of account. 
ACCOUNT DURATIONLifelong accounts.Limited number of days.
BROKERIndependent broker (ICMarkets) to ensure 100% transparencyUse their own server without any external check. They  can modify any trade or result.
LOT SIZE/RISK PER TRADENo fixed limits on risk.Limited number of lots and open positions.
STOP-LOSSNo stop loss is required.SL can be compulsory.
SCALING PLAN/ PAYOUTSScaling accounts with higher payouts.Payouts can lead to a balance reset.
BREAK-EVENBreak-even at < 1.9% of the account.The average break-even is between 4.3% - 9%.
CURRENCIES5 possible account currencies.Most of the prop firms offer just USD as a possible currency.
LEVERAGEOFP leverage is 1:100 in every purchasable account.Instant funding prop firms offer leverages between 1:10 and 1:30.
CONTRACTSOFP does not require any contract to be signed as it offers demo accounts.Contracts need to be signed in order to get funded. Legal aspects are required. 

OFP sought to change the Market

OFP is an industry leading proprietary trading company that is a leader in instant funding. Set up in early 2021, OFP sought out to change the market, and move the focus towards the clients; reducing the obstacles in their way, improving the trading experience, and helping them reach financial independence. OFP gives traders of all abilities access to instant capital, allowing them to make real money and wealth. Available in a variety of currencies, and in a variety of sizes, OFP gives clients the power to choose their own personalised accounts.

OFP Think Big
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OFP is proud to stand apart from other prop firms. In its aim to focus on the client experience, OFP has eliminated the common blocks to real capital, giving traders clear and simple rules aimed at protecting them, and has created different account types that aim to further allow for personalisation. In these account types, one can choose between 2 regular monthly accounts and a supercharged account whereby profit splits are scaled up to a market-beating 40%. The new era of Instant funding just began.

OFP Clients

Once an OFP client, traders have access to all that a 5-star rated company has to offer. Customer service throughout the day, rewards through the inbuilt “Fidelity Program”, the potential for widespread interviews of our most successful traders, and access to the huge Discord community of OFP instant funded traders.

Every single part of the OFP experience has been adapted and improved to give the trader the best experience. From the adrenaline boosting supercharged accounts, through to the new and improved Dashboard, every part of OFP aims to help the trader love their experience, and most importantly make it as simple to make profits as possible. So, you may still be asking, “Why should I choose to be funded by OFP?”. The answer is simple. You will have uninterrupted access to instantly tradeable capital from which YOU can become financially independent. You will have access to a large community of likeminded individuals, through which you can learn and become more profitable. And you will be a member of a trading family whose reason to live and breathe is to see you become the most successful and profitable trader that you can become.

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71-75 Shelton Street

London, UK

Company No. 13699305

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