In a surprising turn of events, FTMO, a renowned trading platform, has made an announcement that may have significant negative implications for traders in the United States. As of January 2024, FTMO has temporarily suspended the purchase of FTMO Challenges for new and existing US clients due to specific market conditions. Let’s delve into the potential drawbacks for US traders and explore why turning to OFP might be a more favorable alternative.

FTMO’s Negative Impact on US Traders

For traders in the United States, FTMO’s decision to halt the acquisition of FTMO Challenges could pose challenges to their trading endeavors. The suspension not only affects new clients but also places restrictions on existing traders looking to explore additional opportunities within the FTMO platform. This sudden interruption may disrupt trading strategies, limit access to valuable resources, and hinder the growth potential that FTMO has traditionally offered to its users.

Furthermore, the inability to onboard new clients in specific states and the exclusion of legal persons who are company trusts could potentially isolate a segment of US traders from accessing FTMO’s services. This limitation may lead to missed opportunities and hinder the ability of traders in affected states to participate fully in the global financial markets.

Geographical Restrictions: A Barrier to US Trading Potential

FTMO has always adhered to geographical restrictions, and the suspension for US clients is not an isolated case. However, the impact of these restrictions on US traders is undeniable. The exclusion of clients from Louisiana, South Carolina, Montana, Arkansas, and Delaware, coupled with limitations on legal entities, may inadvertently limit the reach and influence of FTMO within the United States.

Global Regulatory Considerations and the OFP Alternative

As FTMO navigates regulatory constraints globally, US traders seeking alternatives may find solace in exploring prop trading firms that welcome traders from all corners of the world. One such alternative is OFP, a prop trading firm known for its inclusive approach to traders globally, no challenge instant funding accounts and exclusive payout options up to 80%.

Unlike FTMO, OFP does not impose geographical restrictions on traders, making it an attractive option for US traders affected by FTMO’s temporary suspension. Proprietary trading firms like OFP provide an opportunity for traders to leverage capital and benefit from a collaborative trading environment, irrespective of their location.

Why OFP Might Be Your Best Bet
  1. Global Inclusivity and Trading Community:

OFP’s open-door policy to traders worldwide sets it apart. Unlike FTMO’s temporary suspension for US clients, OFP welcomes traders from all over the world, fostering a diverse and collaborative trading community online and offline.

The prop firm has a Discord Community with 3000+ traders, which is updated daily with market news, exclusive articles, discounts, announcements and payout certificates.

  1. Unrestricted Opportunities:

While FTMO grapples with temporary limitations, OFP offers US traders unhindered access to its prop trading services, providing opportunities for growth and the chance to receive credentials to start trading within 24 hours after purchase, no challenges or verification processes required.

  1. Collaboration and Support:

OFP prioritizes collaboration and support, creating an environment where traders can thrive. The Support Team is available in English and Spanish to solve all trader’s queries and ensure the best experience possible. 

  1. Consistency and Reliability:

In the face of uncertainty caused by FTMO’s temporary suspension, OFP remains a consistent and reliable option for traders seeking stability and opportunities for advancement.

Based in the UAE, OFP is one of the only regulated prop firms in the market, offering security in all transactions.


As US traders navigate the challenges brought about by FTMO’s temporary suspension, considering alternative platforms becomes crucial for continuity and growth. The inclusive and unrestricted nature of prop trading firms like OFP positions them as viable alternatives, offering US traders the opportunity to thrive in a collaborative and supportive trading environment. While FTMO works towards reinstating its services, exploring the global possibilities provided by prop firms like OFP may be the key to unlocking new horizons in the ever-evolving world of trading. Join OFP now!