OFP. Ofp Funding. OFP Funding discounts.

OFP Funding is an instant funding prop firm. In short, this prop firm offers traders worldwide to enter the trading scene no matter where they’re from (have you heard about the 3 new languages they added to their dashboard?). OFP doesn’t judge you by how much experience or knowledge traders may have (have you tried out our education portal in the client area?). OFP Funding values its clients and tries to foster a collaborative and supportive environment for all prop traders. 


Speaking of collaborative and supportive environments, the results from our monthly survey just came in and I proudly announce that we have 97.3% of happy clients that strongly believe we offer a supportive, AND collaborative environment! 

In 2021 OFP was born because our founders, fellow prop traders themselves, have seen that the prop firm business could do better. So OFPs’ founders started a new era for prop firms. I’ll tell you what our traders get when they use OFP:

To start, a lot of prop firms limit their customers because they have an extensive evaluation process usually referred to as “challenges”, prop firms are well known for using these challenges as a way to make money from failed challenges, and some traders even give up trying to pass the challenge after a few failures. OFP is an instant funding prop firm, that means we have no challenges or silly evaluations to go through, so you could potentially start your trading endeavors within only 24 hours.


Have you noticed how many prop firms only work with the FX market? Fortunately we give you the control and freedom to decide what you want to trade, stocks, bonds, cryptocurrency, forex, metals.. You name it we got it! Offering you a wide variety of options you can choose from based solely on your preferences. You can learn more about all the best spreads in our blog (which we happen to update weekly so you can always stay informed on the latest news about the market). 


Your account has no expiration date, let’s say you buy an account, but something happened and you cannot trade for half a year, even a year, what the hell, even two! Your account would still be available to you the moment YOU are ready for it. 

See the thing is, putting you at the focal point of our care is really what matters most, that’s why we have round the clock, 24/7 support for any question, issue, or problem you might have, don’t hesitate to ask us. Our support team is there for you whenever you need it. 

The OFP team has slowly grown into a family that has one main thing in common, we want to see our traders succeed. We’re happy when you’re happy.


Now that we’ve got all the technicalities and updates out of the way, I can tell you some great news. We’ve started a new promotion! But this one is different from the ones you might’ve seen before. We’re offering discounts on all our accounts and the bigger the account, the bigger the discount. 

Our discounts are available on our monthly payouts as well as our on demand payouts. You can save up to 45% only this April, don’t hesitate to get your account now. 


Up to 45% sounds fantastic right? Let me break it down for you:


You can buy an account worth 200,000 in your preferred currency (€,$,£)

Any other month, an account this big would cost you $3,330 if you buy a monthly account and $4,995 if you buy an on demand account, but, you’re a winner this month and you get more for less so, in reality you would only be paying $1,832 for a monthly account worth $200,000. For an on demand account you would only and I emphasize only this April you would be paying $2,747 for an on demand account worth $200,000. What a steal!


OFP’s Monthly Account Breakdown with 80% Profit Split


$200,000 Account $3,330+45% →→→ $1,832

$100,000 Account $1,675+40% →→→ $1,005

$50,000 Account $876+35% →→→ $569

$25,000 Account $443+25% →→→ $332

$10,000 Account $277+25% →→→ $208

$5,000 Account $185+25% →→→ $139


On Demand Account Breakdown with 80% Profit Split


$200,000 Account $4995+45% →→→ $2747

$100,000 Account $2513+40% →→→ $1508

$50,000 Account $1314+35% →→→ $854

$25,000 Account $665+25% →→→ $499

$10,000 Account $416+25% →→→ $312

$5,000 Account $278+25% →→→ $209


Now that you’ve seen the great deals you’ll be getting with our April promotion I’m sure you want to get your account already, you can now get your OFP Funding account right here. Happy trading!