In prop trading, the choice of a funding model plays a crucial role in shaping a trader’s journey. OFP Funding has emerged as a trailblazer, introducing exclusive 200k instant funding trading accounts that redefine the whole trading landscape. In this article, we will compare OFP’s instant funding with Bespoke Funding’s 2-phase challenges, and explain why trading challenges are an unnecessary source of stress and, many times, a waste of money.

Instant Funding with OFP vs. 2-Phase Challenges

OFP Funding’s revolutionary approach eliminates the need for difficult challenges of Bespoke Funding. While Bespoke Funding demands traders undergo a 2-phase evaluation process starting at $129, we offer instant funding accounts for as low as $79 USD. This stark difference not only enhances accessibility but also accelerates a trader’s entry into the market.

Payout Ranges and Flexibility with OFP

OFP Funding stands out with its flexible payout options, ranging from 26% to an impressive 80%. This unparalleled flexibility ensures our traders can tailor their experience to match their unique trading styles and financial goals. In contrast, Bespoke Funding’s challenges lack the versatility that instant funding provides, limiting the potential for traders to customize their journey.

No verification processes – with OFP, you start trading within 24 hours

OFP knows time equals money, so we don’t want you to wait to start making profits. You will not have to worry about passing challenges that can last up to 30 days. Without any lengthy verification processes, after registering and buying your account, traders receive their OFP credentials within 24 hours and can start trading without restrictions.

Regulatory Assurance

One of the significant distinctions lies in regulatory compliance. OFP Funding takes pride in being one of the only regulated proprietary trading firms in the market. This regulatory assurance adds an extra layer of security for traders, instilling confidence and trust in their trading endeavors. Bespoke Funding’s challenges, while offering a pathway to funding, lack the regulatory backing that OFP provides.


The choice between instant funding and challenges is simple. Who would want to complicate things? OFP Funding’s launch of exclusive 200k trading accounts not only redefines the industry but also shows how we are pioneers in offering true accessible, flexible, and regulated opportunities for traders from all over the world. As you embark on your journey, the advantages of instant funding become more and more real, and so do your profits. Get your account now!