Instant funding prop firms

Sick and tired of waiting and failing prop firms challenges that slow you down when trying to make real profits? In a world where prop firms provide instant funding, the 5 following prop firms can get you started quickly. Choose the best instant funding prop firms that remove barriers to grab capital funds and take more market opportunities quicker. The firms we are going to mention offer traders the shortest time to get the money, thus unlocking the ability to respond to market movements in real-time.

Proprietary trading firms matter when it comes to your career as a trader and hence choosing the right one plays an important role. These firms are not only providing funding but also educating users, providing technology, and even a community to help improve trading strategies. So for newcomers, they allow entry into the trading world right away, with large amounts of capital, whether you are a new trader who wants to begin trading or an experienced trader who wishes to diversify their trading operations.


City Traders Imperium – Instant Funding with Great Profit split

City Traders Imperium (CTI) offers opportunities for experienced traders mostly. CTI was established by Martin Najat, an ex-investment banker, and Daniel Martin, an economist, to establish a global network of funded traders so they can have financial freedom and a platform to progress in the trading market. There are no other sites quite like CTI, giving trader funding instantly and promising rewards of up to 100% of profit share to the traders, as a way of acknowledging the level of proficiency exhibited. CTI appears to operate as an incredibly flexible platform, yet, their high fees may be an obstacle for beginners in trading.

CTI is oriented more toward swing traders since leverage is very low. These strict conditions may have the potential to make it hard for day traders and scalpers to amass profits.  Although CTI offers plenty of flexibility on both trading styles and order times, is a wonderful Prop Firm.  CTI’s drawdown rules are entirely different from most firms– the maximum drawdown is only 6% and the maximum profit is 10%, and that makes it necessary to trade carefully and with an eye to the goal, which is not very easy for beginners.


FTUK –   Instant Funding with Good Scaling Plan

FTUK is a Prop Firm with great features for seasoned and beginner traders. It offers huge capital scaling opportunities and traders can earn up to 80% of the profit which proves that FTUK is interested in helping their traders reach the pinnacle of success. Some Benefits FTUK shows are immediate funds to engage in trading without the need to wait for challenges, Good profit split, and great leverage up to 1:100, something many scalpers will gladly utilize.

FTUK has some cons too such as a restrictive money management rule, you can only risk a maximum of 2% per pair and it is mandatory to use the stop loss. As much as FTUK provides traders with an ideal way of achieving their trading objectives a bit faster, one has to focus on its drawbacks also, the chief one being the limiting policy on risk management, which can limit free-form risk-taking among traders.


Traders With Edge-  Instant Funding with no time limits

Traders with Edge is a trading company that aims to help traders become more successful traders. The “No Evaluation Period” program has no duration at all, which allows traders to gain direct market exposure with real money immediately and they can withdraw profits right away. There are restrictive rules regarding the max drawdown limit of 5% for the standard account and if the trader places a position with a risk higher than 2% it will be automatically closed.

The firm also offers some educational resources like PDF files about how to trade. It also offers coupons and discount codes to guarantee access to more traders.  The pros of this firm are: A good scaling plan, when reaching 10% the account size gets doubled, Reasonable and responsible trading practices for traders to adopt and sensible withdrawal rules. The cons are High fees for the instant funding program which may penalize young traders.


Glow Node – Instant Funding with Good Liquidity Provider

Glow Node, legally registered in London, UK, is run by Sam Bradbury and Ryan Beasley, the two founders. As a proprietary trading firm, Glow Node has several account types and has instant funding and two-step/one-step evaluation programs. With a tier-1 liquidity provider, Glow Node offers a trading environment close to real, without compromising the conditions.  They have Special accounts under which traders can start trading from $5,000 up to $100,000 and start making profits without going through an evaluation process. The program features a 1:30 leverage with no limit when it comes to withdrawal.

There are many restrictions with Glow Node such as a 5% average daily drawdown and maximum drawdown, News trading restrictions, and account termination after 30 days of inactivity, these rules can also make traders more responsible. Payout is every 14 days of the calendar. Profit shares vary whereby traders get a higher percentage of the profit as an 80/20 or 90/10 split depending on the account type. Glow Node has strict rules such as no martingales in conducting trades which is why it focuses on a responsible and long-term approach to trading for its traders.


OFP Prop Firm – Ranked #1 in the Prop Firm Industry

OFP is situated at the top of the list of all instant funding prop firms and provides traders with the best programs. One of the few things OFP has continually shown is that it offers the best scaling plan and profit-sharing plan. The firm is partnered with a reputable liquidity provider, ensuring smooth and reliable trading conditions with good leverage of 1:100. Low fee cost for the accounts allowing beginner traders to join the firm and reach their potential.  OFP has a very attractive 80/20 split, way higher than the competition. Generally, traders can be funded up to $300,000 in all their accounts, but with a maximum of $200,000 per model.

The scaling plan is outstanding; it gives traders up to £5M, far surpassing competitors.  OFP instant funding program is said to provide an accurate way for traders to reach their full potential. Traders enjoy wider market access and can begin trading without intermediate brokerage companies and by following fundamental rules ( do not use forbidden trading strategies such as martingale) then they are entitled to a payout within the next few days after they make profits.  OFP’s principles are designed for trader’s success, and the company stays faithful to the traditions of prop trading transparency.