What is Coinbase advanced trade?

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The surge in popularity of cryptocurrency trading over the recent years has been remarkable, facilitated by user-friendly platforms like Coinbase that simplify the process of buying, selling, and managing digital asset portfolios for the general public. However, as the cryptocurrency trading landscape has matured, a new cohort of advanced traders has emerged, seeking specialized tools and features that go beyond the fundamental buying and selling of coins. Recognizing this demand, Coinbase introduced its Advanced Trading platform to cater to the needs of sophisticated traders requiring advanced charting, intricate order types, algorithmic trading capabilities, and a suite of professional-grade functionalities. Launched by Coinbase, the largest US-based cryptocurrency exchange, Advanced Trading serves as an elevated option for active investors and institutions, aiming to unlock additional trading capabilities within a secure and compliant platform, setting it apart from the standard Coinbase experience.  Fundamentally, Coinbase Advanced Trading enables users to engage in the trading of major cryptocurrencies on Coinbase’s exchanges. This advanced platform provides traders with enhanced features, such as real-time candle charts, order books, drawing tools, and an extensive selection of over 50 technical indicators for in-depth market analysis. 

Coinbase advanced trading Features: 

Key features of Advanced Trading encompass:

Who is Coinbace advanced trade for?

While Coinbase Advanced trade is accessible to all users, its design and functionality are particularly tailored to specific user profiles: