New OFP Accounts

We’re thrilled to announce some significant updates to our trading accounts at OFP that are changing the game for the instant funding community. These enhancements focus on providing greater customization, affordability, and flexibility for traders at all levels.

Your Trading, Your Rules, Your Price

Starting today, you can tailor your trading experience like never before. You now have the power to choose how much you want to spend, set your own drawdown limits, and select from various payout models (monthly, biweekly, on-demand). This means you can align your trading strategy with your financial goals and risk tolerance.

Our new account models come with significantly reduced costs, making them more affordable compared to previous options. This reduction in financial burden opens up trading opportunities to a broader range of participants, including beginners and those with limited capital. By lowering the barriers to entry and requiring less capital to start trading, we’re helping to minimize financial risk. Additionally, the introduction of stricter drawdown limits (3%, 4%, and 5%) helps protect traders from substantial losses, fostering safer trading practices.

With our flexible payout schedules, you can now choose how and when you receive your earnings, improving cash flow management. The variety of account types caters to different risk appetites and trading strategies, providing options tailored to individual needs. Our competitive pricing structure makes our accounts more attractive in the market. Lower prices mean you can allocate more funds towards actual trading rather than account fees, maximizing your investment potential.

The lower financial requirements make trading more accessible, democratizing access to opportunities. This inclusivity supports smaller and independent traders, helping to level the playing field. Our budget-friendly options enable better financial planning and management. You can commit financially at a comfortable level without the risk of overextending yourself.

The lower initial costs allow you to start small and scale up your investments as you gain experience and success. This scalable investment approach is designed to support traders’ growth over time. These changes also make our accounts particularly appealing for new traders. The combination of low prices and safer trading conditions encourages more people to participate in trading, contributing to a more vibrant and active trading environment.

Our latest updates are designed to empower our OFP traders by offering more control, reduced financial risk, and greater accessibility. Whether you’re an experienced trader or just starting out, our new account options provide the flexibility and affordability needed to succeed in the trading world.

OFP is Shaking Up The Prop Firm Industry

Instant funding has never been too accessible to traders, and we’re here to change that. OFP is not like any other prop firm. We truly want to give you the best skills, opportunities, experience and of course, prices. We are happy to announce these changes in hopes that our community will only thrive in their trading starting today. The changes we have made are aimed to provide you a unique and individual experience as we understand that every trader is different.

With our new OFP accounts, dashboard, and features, we hope that as a community we can embrace our differences and become better traders every step of the way. This really is big news but don’t think that it’s going to end here. There is a lot more to come and you have the chance to be part of this exciting journey. Stay tuned for more updates and innovations that will continue to enhance your trading experience with OFP.