Instant funding

When analysing the prices of instant funding accounts, it is important to look at the sides that will provide the most value to the account holder at the same time cost-efficient. Here’s a closer look at a couple of top prop firms:

These providers have many pricing models and account types available depending on the needs of the trader.

Tips for finding the best instant funding account prices

During the search for the best instant funding account prices, it’s important to carefully analyze and plan efficient research. First,  it is necessary to select a few reliable prop firms since a firm’s credibility creates a solid ground for successful trading. Then, it is recommended to rely on the quality of the funding conditions offered. As for a quality firm, it is fundamental to consider only positive feedback from various sources. After listing down the reliable firms, compare their instant funding account options.

The best accounts usually provide real accounts as soon as possible, and with large risk limits, which give you the freedom of action on trading. This way, focusing on these aspects, you are adequately equipped to pinpoint the instant funding accounts that have the most reasonable prices and the best terms and conditions to choose the right one that will meet your trading requirements and your aims of making money.

Most bought instant funding account prop firms

Concerning the industry’s most demanded instant funding account providers, several prop firms occupy the leading positions primarily thanks to a relatively low price set for their services and attractive trading conditions. Here are the most sought-after options:

  1. OFP (Overview Funding Program): Popular for its affordable strategy, OFP provides immediate funding accounts with costs beginning from $40 for a $5,000 account. These costs can be viewed as relatively low due to the fairly high frequency of discounts, and for this reason, many traders prefer to cooperate with OFP as far as the optimal use of capital is concerned.


  1. The 5%ers: This prop firm has rapidly gained popularity due to the fairly open door policy and better deals on the share of profit.
  2. Funded Trading Plus: Their account sizes range from $5,000 to $250,000. Its profit distribution and low drawdown feature make its audience happiest.
  3. FTUK (Funded Trading UK): Another is FTUK which is also reputable for offering funding accounts with relatively low fees. The accounts that they offer are for new as well as experienced traders which makes them very flexible providers in the prop trading industry.

Key features for best instant funding accounts

There are extremely important aspects that are focused in instant funding accounts which are very important for traders who want to increase their profitability or trading advantages. Here’s what to look for:

Ranked 1st: OFP prices

Currently, OFP Prop Firm has several plans for instant funding accounts, which are suitable based on the trader’s choice. Here’s a comparison of their key offerings:

It comes with a relatively good trading capital. The 40% profit split implies that a big proportion of the earnings will go to the trader.


This particular account gives traders superior conditions and a better-fixed profit share that is 80% of the total profits. However, it is more expensive than the proportional one in the beginning, and appropriate for experienced traders because the increased share of profit and risk limits allows for earning dozens of times more.

This is a cheaper option for traders. While the account is comparatively smaller in size, the drawdown limit and leverage being provided are of the same value as those of the Standard account. It’s meant for traders who do not wish to risk much initially but wish to invest in trading.