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OFP is managed by traders. We believe in dedication, transparency and hard work. Our Team has the role to bring OFP to be a stone in the Prop Firm industry respecting all our competitors.

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About us - Meet the OFT Team

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Our Story

Overview Funding Program opened its doors in February 2022. OFP was founded to offer an alternative to the mainstream prop firms, who base their models on challenges, verifications and profit targets, all tools that are aimed at created to bias a trader away from their own strategy and out of their comfort zone. Our philosophy has always been “Trading is already challenging, why add to it?” Stemming from this philosophy and wanting to be a force of change in the industry, OFP introduced true instant funding. Without any challenges or verifications; a variety of accounts ranging from 5k to 100k in 5 different currencies; and an incredible community, OFP has created something that is offered nowhere else in the prop firm industry.

OFP Our story
OFP Passion

Our Passion

With an online and offline presence, OFP helps traders that don’t have capital of their own to risk, but still want to put in the work to become financially stable and successful. We help them avoid making beginner mistakes, overleveraging, and overtrading by providing substantial initial capital and a market leading pay-out rate. We listen closely to our whole community. Through a combination of our closely monitored Discord chat, multiple support channels, and weekly content across social media, we are making sure that traders feel listened to and that their suggestions are actually considered. Our managers are all professional traders, allowing them to connect with OFP clients and answer any and all questions and doubts. Effort in this area by our incredible team can be seen through our ever-improving reviews.


As a company, we are always looking for new ways to improve and innovate what we have to offer. In the spirit of improving a trader’s ability to gain financial independence, OFP is introducing a variety of new features not seen before in prop trading. On the product side, we are looking to offer accounts that pay 100% more than competitors and scaling accounts up to £5 million. On the assistance side, we not only offer FAQ answers, but are also increasing the number of successful trader interviews, and alongside that, FAQ video answers to boost learning and increase a trader’s proficiency.

OFP transparency

Highest Standard

Unlike any other prop trading firm in the market, OFP works closely alongside its very own educational branch of trading. Aimed at those looking to trade and learn all about it, OverviewFX offers a variety of educational courses that are suited to beginner and professional traders.

Think BIG

In essence, OFP is looking to act as a force for change in the prop trading market. We want to move the focus away from the company, and towards the community that we want to grow. If this is something that appeals to you, and you too want to become financially independent and successful, then we would like to welcome you here at OFP.

OFP Think Big

Meet the team

Ruggero Catalano OFP Director

Ruggero Catalano Rossi Danielli

Marcello Chiesa ofp founder

Marcello Chiesa

Davide Bernardi OFP General Manager

David Bernardi
General Manager

Lorenzo Patrone
Business Analyst

Vaino Roger Gaweseb OFP Customer Service Manager

Vaino Roger Gaweseb
Customer Service Manager

ilaria rossi content creator

Ilaria Rossi
Graphic Designer

Thomas Frost ofp content writer

Thomas Frost
Content Writer

Isak Harouni OFP SEO Specialist

Isak Harouni
SEO Specialist

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71-75 Shelton Street

London, UK

Company No. 13699305

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Overview Funding Program (OFP) is a branch of OverviewFX LTD. OverviewFX LTD is a legally recognized company based in London, UK. Our legal headquarter is at 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, U.K. Company No. 13699305. All our businesses are subjected to UK law.

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