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OFP is the world leading instant funding prop firm, giving any trader the chance to be funded up to £5M risk-free. OFP is enrolling dozens of thousands of traders each month, creating new opportunities in the Trading Sector. OFP is recognized as one of the most transparent companies in the forex industry providing a high-quality service to all of their clients.

OFP FUNDING Is A Trademark Brand Name Owned By FINTEKNOLOGY LTD. UK (Company Number: 15131112).

OFP provides daily and monthly testimonials and statistics about its traders. Interviews and reviews are posted daily on the official channels. All OFP traders have the possibility to chat in the “Discord” channel sharing their daily experience with everyone.

OFP is a trader-focused company. We don’t force you to jump through verifications and challenges hoops; we allow trading during the news; have 80% profit split; and we smash the industry average pay-out rate (2%) with our own 16%.

We not only run a Discord chat where you can talk with other traders, but OFP is running interviews with successful traders in order to try and better portray the OFP trading experience. You can also see our reviews on trust-pilot.

The trader can be funded up to 300k in OFP accounts, but with a maximum of 200k per model.

With the scaling plan you can manage a maximum of £5M per trader.

OFP models are created to test the real abilities of the trader without any challenge or verification stage. You will directly access the market feed and start trading without any limitation. Follow 3 simple rules and get your payout after a few days.

Yes,  go to THIS LINK to find out more.

OFP is more than happy to welcome traders from all around the world.


To become a funded trader, register to our client at and complete the KYC process. You will be able to choose your funding opportunity in a few minutes.

OFP today counts thousands of beginners and professional traders. OFP gives the possibility to use the service to anyone.

We believe that a lack of capital should not be a barrier to entry into the Forex markets. Too often only the wealthiest can become wealthier through them. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to become independent and financially free, regardless of their starting position.


Once you make the purchase, you will receive the credentials through your e-mail and you can start trading immediately.


OFP offers demo accounts so you will not have the problem of risking real money. However, if the trader is profitable OFP have an in-house trading team that trades and they reserve the right to mirror consistent traders.

Yes, every trader that reaches a payout will also receive a “certificate of payout”.


The trader can be funded up to 300K in total funding.

Each model can have a maximum allocation of 200K.

With the scaling plan, you can manage a maximum of £5M per trader.


The maximum allocation capital, achievable with the scaling plan, is £5M per trader.

We offer 5 different account types:

  • 80%, 60%, 40% or 26% Instant monthly account: monthly payouts are our regular accounts, which sees you trade, get a pay-out on a monthly basis, and carry on trading for as many months as you wish.

At this current moment no, however if you have two or more accounts you may copy trade between them. Please refer to “Can I do copy trading” FAQ.

Currently we have MT4, MT5 and Web terminal available.

All our accounts are lifelong.

The leverage on all account types is 1:100.

No, as an OFP client, you are not eligible for losses. As part of the terms, if you breach the 5% daily and 10% total drawdown rules, your account is automatically terminated. This is as much to protect us as it is to protect you.

The trader can be funded up to 300k in OFP accounts, but with a maximum of 200k per model.

So, the number of accounts must be such that this limit is not exceeded.

We are based in the U.K. and we use UTC as a time zone. This means that our analysis can be shifted to another time zone with respect to what you see on your trading platform.

No, if the trader breaches a rule the account is suspended and cannot be recovered.

Accounts are averagely sent in 1 hour; however, the account credentials might be sent in a maximum of 24 hours.

The trader can be funded up to 300k in OFP accounts, but with a maximum of 200k per model.

We use BlueberryMarkets broker. It is considered a world leader broker.

Yes. BlueBerry Markets is regulated by: CySEC, ASIC, FSA.

OFP, trading with BlueBerry Markets as a broker, has the best spreads, swaps and commissions currently available on the market.

YES, we do. With the scaling plan, the maximum allocation capital per trader is £5M. Go to THIS LINK to find out more.

No, OFP doesn’t ask for any profit target in order to withdraw your profits.


OFP accepts credit/debit cards and crypto.

We pay through bank wire and crypto (LTC).

We have an in-house trading team that trades, and they reserve the right to mirror consistent traders, trading on an OFP account that fits the criteria of the Master Trading Account.

Unfortunately no, the person who purchased the account needs to trade on the account.

The accounts are not on subscription and they are lifelong.

If the trader is in profit, they have the possibility to withdraw the profits:

  • 80%, 60%, 40% or 26% Instant monthly account: after 28 days from the purchase.
  • 80%, 60%, 40% or 26% OnDemand Account: when the Trader Value Score is met.

After the client communicates the withdrawal method they desire, OFP take an average of 7h to deliver the payout depending on the withdrawal method.

Yes, you can pay with cryptocurrency in the checkout phase of the purchase. You can also reply to the pay-out email with your wallet address, and we will pay you in LTC. Bear in mind that any fee linked to the chosen network will be deducted from your pay-out. The minimum crypto withdrawal is $25.

OFP is not responsible for client’s taxation. Each OFP trader needs to speak with their personal accountant to avoid government sanctions.

The client is entitled to a full refund minus any transaction fees in the eventuality that the client did not perform any trading operation on the new account and no more than 4 days have been passed from the purchase.


There are some rules that you need to follow in order to show us you are a consistent trader. They are there for your and our protection. Go to THIS LINK to find out more.

No, you cannot use an Expert Advisor when trading. Using one will result in account suspension.

Yes, we allow copying trading only between OFP accounts. You are not allowed to copy trades from your personal and/or other prop accounts to an OFP account. If you copy from any third-party account, your account will be suspended immediately! Please contact our support team and provide them with the following details and wait for approval before you begin copy trading across your accounts: 1. Your account numbers, also let us know which is the master account. 2. Which of the two software you will use FX Blue or Trader Social Tools.

We welcome all trading styles that can be replicated in Live market conditions. Trading styles that are deemed as “cheating” on demo accounts are not permitted. Below is a list of styles prohibited within our program: gap trading, latency arbitrage, long-short arbitrage, reverse arbitrage, reverse/opposite account trading, hedging, tick scalping/trading, martingale trading, grid trading and news straddling methods. Although this list does not include all tactics that can violate our trading policies, these are the most frequent ones we have observed traders trying to take advantage of demo accounts. If any account is seen to be using unfair strategies or an unrealistic trading style their account will be suspended.

Yes, trading during news is permitted, however news straddling methods are prohibited as this is not replicable in live market conditions.

Yes you may stack or have re-entries when your strategy permits.

Yes, you can hold trades during the weekend.

No, you can keep your positions overnight.

Yes, they are both allowed.

Yes, you can hold your trades during the weekend.



As long as you stick within the rules, you will have the account forever.

All trades must be close during the review day. Trading can start again the following day.

It's okay if you are not profitable. As long as you don’t break the 5% daily and 10% total drawdown rule, you will keep the account, even if you are making a loss.

No, you need to wait our confirmation email to withdrawal your profits.

It depends on the rules. If you break the daily drawdown rule or the max drawdown rule, the account will be suspended. The Trader Value Rule does not lead to an account suspension.

  • 200k 26% Instant monthly account
  • 200k 40% Instant monthly account
  • 200k 60% Instant monthly account
  • 200k 80% Instant monthly account

The trader can be funded up to 300k in OFP accounts, but with a maximum of 200k per model. However, this does change with the scaling plan, which can see your “initial” account balance increase to £5m.


YES, it is. As long as you stick within the rules, you will have the account forever.

Yes, you can ask for a payout every time you TVS is lower than 20%.

Yes, if you reach your TVS in 4 days, you can already ask for a payout.

No, we do not have any lot size restrictions.

 We do not have restrictions on the risk per trade; it is up to you to manage your account.

It depends on the rules. If you break some of the core rules, i.e. drawdowns, then the account will be suspended.

Yes, you can trade and keep your positions during the weekend.


You can choose between MT4 and MT5. It all depends on your preference.

Yes, you can use both MT4 or MT5.

No, if you change your password your account will be immediately disabled.

No, the account password is personal and cannot be shared with anyone. If we notice multiple people trading the account, the account will be immediately disabled.


Yes, you can trade from any device that support MT4 or MT5.


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