OFP Fidelity Program

Through this program, traders are able to earn points through a variety of actions, and every eligible dollar spent on their accounts. This means that through their regular daily trading activities, traders earn points which can be redeemed on more accounts in the future.
fidelity program ofp
1 Generate referrals

Take action

Collect Points

Collect points

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4 ofp card

OFP Fidelity Card

fidelity program ofp

The fidelity card

You may be asking

“Why would you reward me for something other companies don’t care about?”

The answer is that here at OFP we see everyone as a large community, from the CEO to the customers, and thus we like to reward those who benefit from OFP. Whilst elsewhere you may write a brilliant review and simply get a pre-written thank you note, OFP wants to make sure that you understand just how much it means to us and that is why we want to reward you!

How it works?

Every time you complete something mentioned in the list below, you will be rewarded with Fidelity Points:

  • Spend $1 = 1 point
  • Publish a video review on YT = max 1,000 points
  • Follow OFP on Twitter = 100 points
  • Follow OFP on Facebook = 100 points
  • Share your payout on Facebook groups = 200 points
  • Subscribe to our mailing list = 150 points
  • Share your payout on Discord = 400 Points

When it comes to redeeming one’s points, 40 points act as a 1$ discount.

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