Become an OFP Affiliate!

The OFP affiliate program allows individuals and traders to earn more through 2 different referral schemes: the revenue share and the CPA model. For every sale generated through the revenue share program, an OFP affiliate can earn up to 15%. On the other hand, with the CPA model, the affiliate can earn up to 40$ per depositor. Each affiliate can choose the model preferred.

ofp affiliate program
1 Generate referrals

Generate referrals, earns a generous commission

no maximum payout

No maximum payout

3 Support from a top prop firm

Support from a top prop firm

two different models

2 different models

OFP revenue share (Monthly – One time)


1-49 Referred




50+ Referred




350+ Referred




To be discussed

To be discussed



1-49 Referred

25 $


50+ Referred

30 $


350+ Referred

40 $


To be discussed

To be discussed

OFP Affiliate program

Affiliate does something that benefits the team, we want to show our appreciation. Too often does the company simply see the trader as a customer, and due to this, there is no understanding of just how many people hear about a company through simple word of mouth, or through content creation. We here at OFP think this is not right, and that there is no better advertisement than happy customers and affiliates. That’s why we want to create a great, long term, mutually beneficial relationship with YOU!

How does it work?

OFP generates content for you, or you can create it yourself. You, as the trader, or simply as the affiliates (trading is not necessary), will use this content wherever you can. The most popular sites include blogs, websites, online publishers, influencers and traders themselves. Commission on any generated sales is paid every 30 days on the 15th of the month. In order to access the pay-out, one must generate at least 5 sales per month for a minimum commission of $150.
By signing up to the affiliate program, you are agreeing that you have read and understood the terms and conditions, including the rewards and guidelines.

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