OFP Brand Ambassador

The brand ambassador is an essential role in the OFP family. They do not just have the role to bring new clients through their affiliation link, but they also have free access to events, an Admin role on our Discord community, and the right to 300k in OFP funds every year. We give the ambassador so many benefits; on the other side, we ask for specific requirements. Scroll down and see if you are eligible!

OFP Brand Ambassador​
Become an Admin on our Discord community

Become an Admin on our Discord community

become an ofp affiliate

Become also an OFP affiliate

Invitation to OFP events

Invitation to OFP events

OFP Free

OFP Free $300k yearly accounts

Who is an OFP brand ambassador

A brand ambassador is an individual who is appointed or chosen by a company or organization to represent their brand and promote its products or services. They are typically individuals who possess a strong reputation, credibility, and influence in their respective fields, such as celebrities, athletes, or experts in a particular industry. The role of a brand ambassador is to create positive associations between the brand and its target audience, increasing brand visibility and awareness. They engage in various activities, including advertising campaigns, social media promotions, public appearances, and endorsing products or services through their personal endorsements. By leveraging their personal appeal and authority, brand ambassadors help build brand loyalty, attract new customers, and enhance the brand’s reputation.

Brand Ambassador duties:

  • Daily promotion on their social media.
  • Daily activity on the Discord community.
  • Weekly promotion on their YouTube channels.
  • Available to be interviewed by the OFP Team to create podcasts.
  • Availability to join OFP off-line events.

By signing up to the brand ambassador program, you are agreeing that you have read and understood the terms and conditions, including the rewards and guidelines.

Brand Ambassador benefits:

  • Free $25k OFP account each month for a total of $300k yearly.
  • Affiliation link. The brand ambassador will earn a 10% commission for each referral.
  • Invitations to the OFP events around the world to speak in front of the community.
  • No limits on the referral earning or on the trading payouts.
  • The possibility to become on our Discord community an Admin and publish daily analysis content.

Brand Ambassador requirements:

The OFP Brand ambassador has many benefits from the company, so we expect people willing to work hard for the OFP’s growth.
To become an OFP Brand ambassador, we expect you to have the following:

  • A large social media following.
  • A large trading community.
  • Dedication and passion for the role and for the brand.

Become an OFP Brand Ambassador:

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