The World’s Leading Instant
Funding Prop Firm!

Get funded now, without any challenge to pass.

The World’s Leading Instant
Funding Prop Firm!

Get funded now, without any challenge to pass.
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No Profit Targets.

Payouts are paid only after reaching profit targets.


On demand or 1 month after the purchase.

Payouts are received on average after 2-3 months from the purchase.


Independent broker to ensure 100% transparency.

Use their own server without any external check.

Account duration

Lifelong accounts.

Limited number of days.

Lot size/risk per trade

No fixed limits on risk.

Limited number of lots and open positions.


No stop loss is required.

SL can be compulsory.

Scaling plan /payouts

Scaling accounts with higher payouts.

Payouts can lead to a balance reset.


Break-even at < 1.9% of the account.

The average break-even is between 4.3% - 9%.


3 possible account currencies.

Most of the prop firms offer just USD as a possible currency.


OFP leverage is 1:100 in every purchasable account.

Instant funding prop firms offer leverages between 1:10 and 1:30.


OFP does not require any contract to be signed as it offers demo accounts.

Contracts need to be signed in order to get funded. Legal aspects are required.

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OFP for Small traders

Trading rules

OFP has just 3 simple rules that need to be followed for every account type:

5%drawdown rule

Your equity or balance must not be less than or equal to your maximum daily balance minus the account margin. The account margin is 5% of your initial deposit balance. Each day is considered to start from midnight EET (GMT +2/+3).

Breaking the rule will result in the closure of the account.

Account margin:

Account size 5.0005% de margin 250
Account size 10.0005% de margin 500
Account size 25.0005% Margin 1.250
Account size 50.0005% Margin 2.500
Account size 100.0005% Margin 5.000
Drawdown rule Neither the equity nor the account balance may ever fall below 10% of the initial account balance. For instance, in an account with $100,000, neither the capital nor the balance can drop to $90,000 or below. Breaking this rule will result in the closure of the account
trade value rule
No trading day can account for 25% or more of the total cumulative Profit and Loss (PnL) since the last payout or account purchase. If an account has a score equal to or exceeding 25%, the payout will be postponed until the next review date and added to the subsequent payout. The score resets upon payout. Having a high inconsistency score will NOT result in the closure of the account.

Prohibited trading strategies

Tick speculation/trading, martingale trading, hedging, and news distribution methods are prohibited strategies that cannot be employed in all OFP accounts. The use of these strategies will result in the cancellation of the account.

OFP for Small traders

The Best Spreads on the Market

AUD CADAustralian Dollar vs Canadian Dollar00.68
AUD CHFAustralian Dollar vs Swiss Franc00.41
AUD JPYAustralian Dollar vs Japanese Yen00.5
AUD NZDAustralian Dollar vs New Zealand Dollar00.77
CAD CHFCanadian Dollar vs Swiss Franc00.58
CAD JPYCanadian Dollar vs Japanese Yen00.48
CHF JPYSwiss Franc vs Japanese Yen0.10.86
EUR AUDEuro vs Australian Dollar00.8
EUR CAD Euro vs Canadian Dollar00.74
EUR CHFEuro vs Swiss Franc00.61
EUR GBP Euro vs British Pound00.27
EUR JPYEuro vs Japanese Yen00.3
EUR NZDEuro vs New Zealand Dollar01.32
GBP AUDBritish Pound vs Australian Dollar01.06
GBP CADBritish Pound vs Canadian Dollar01.12
GBP CHFBritish Pound vs Swiss Franc01.1
GBP JPYBritish Pound vs Japanese Yen00.82
GBP NZDBritish Pound vs New Zealand Dollar0.11.98
NZD CADNew Zealand Dollar vs Canadian Dollar01.04
NZD CHFNew Zealand Dollar vs Swiss Franc00.73
NZD JPYNew Zealand Dollar vs Japanese Yen00.6
AUD USDAustralian Dollar vs United States Dollar00.17
EUR USDEuro vs United States Dollar00.02
GBP USDBritish Pound vs United States Dollar00.23
USD CADUnited States Dollar vs Canadian Dollar00.25
USD CHFUnited States Dollar vs Swiss Franc00.19
USD JPYUnited States Dollar vs Japanese Yen00.14
NZD USDNew Zealand Dollar vs United States Dollar00.38
AUD SGDAustralian Dollar vs Singapore Dollar00.97
CHF SGDSwiss Franc vs Singapore Dollar0.32.05
EUR DKKEuro vs Danish Kroner1011.11
EUR HKDEuro vs Hong Kong Dollar02.17
EUR NOKEuro vs Norwegian Kroner0.452.89
EUR PLNEuro vs Polish Zloty1.821.2
EUR SEKEuro vs Swedish Krona0.344.07
EUR SGDEuro vs Singapore Dollar00.9
EUR TRYEuro vs Turkish Lira0.795.14
EUR ZAREuro vs South African Rand10.394.68
GBP DKKBritish Pound vs Danish Kroner0.618.32
GBP NOKBritish Pound vs Norwegian Kroner038.14
GBP SEKBritish Pound vs Swedish Krona228.13
GBP SGDBritish Pound vs Singapore Dollar0.32.45
GBP TRYBritish Pound vs Turkish Lira1.2138.99
NOK JPYNorwegian Kroner vs Japanese Yen0.10.67
NOK SEKNorwegian Kroner vs Swedish Krona27.53
SEK JPYSwedish Krona vs Japanese Yen0.20.87
SGD JPYSingapore Dollar vs Japanese Yen00.7
USD CNHUnited States Dollar vs Chinese RMB02.93
USD CZKUnited States Dollar vs Czech Republic Koruna05.21
USD DKKUnited States Dollar vs Danish Kroner2.64.77
USD HKDUnited States Dollar vs Hong Kong Dollar00.89
USD HUFUnited States Dollar vs Hungarian Forint09.48
USD MXNUnited States Dollar vs Mexican Peso028.57
USD NOKUnited States Dollar vs Norwegian Kroner036.79
USD PLNUnited States Dollar vs Polish Zloty1.615.79
USD RUBUnited States Dollar vs Russian Ruble465.26
USD SEKUnited States Dollar vs Swedish Krona030.31
USD THBUnited States Dollar vs Thai Baht063.21
USD TRYUnited States Dollar vs Turkish Lira0.650.61
USD ZARUnited States Dollar vs South African Rand1979.85
USD SGDUnited States Dollar vs Singapore Dollar0.20.85

BRENTBrent Crude Oil Futures0.0200.028
COCOACocoa futures30004608
COFFEECoffee Futures0.3000.300
CORNCorn Futures0.6800.680
COTTONCotton Futures0.1500.150
OJOrange Juice Futures11201120
SOYBEANSoybean Futures13501350
SUGARSugar Futures0.0300.033
WHEATWheat Futures0.7500.750
WTIWest Texas Intermediate – Crude Oil Futures0.0200.027
XBR USDBrent Crude Oil Spot vs United States Dollar0.0300.034
XNG USDNatural Gas Spot vs United States Dollar0.0020.004
XTI USDWTI Crude Oil Spot vs United States Dollar0.0300.034

AUS200Australia S&P ASX 200 Index0.0001220
DE40Germany 40 Index0.5001338
F40France 40 Index0.0000.749
JP225Japan 225 Index60008858
STOXX50EU Stocks 50 Index0.2001760
UK100UK 100 Index10002133
US30US Wall Street 30 Index10001411
US500US SPX 500 Index0.2000.492
USTECUS Tech 100 Index10001807
CA60Canada 60 Index0.6000.600
CHINA50FTSE China A50 Index32906953
CHINAHHong Kong China H-shares Index0.0002083
ES35Spain 35 Index42004426
HK50Hong Kong 50 Index70008169
IT40Italy 40 Index90009000
MIDDE50Germany Mid 50 Index750027864
NETH25Netherlands 25 Index0.1900.190
NOR25Norway 25 Index0..6800.680
SA40South Africa 40 Index750015444
SE30Sweden 300.3800.380
SWI20Switzerland 20 Index30003500
TECDE30Germany Tech 30 Index23003172
US2000US Small Cap 2000 Index0.1400.480

XAGEURSilver vs Euro0.0000.813
XAGUSDSilver vs United States Dollar0.0000.894
XAUAUDGold vs Aus0.8003679
XAUEURGold vs Euro20003537
XAUUSDGold vs United States Dollar0.0001083
XPDUSDPalladium vs United States Dollar86000162735
XPTUSDPlatinum vs United States Dollar1820042300

EURBOBLEuro Bobl0.0100.010
EURBUNDEuro Bund0.0100.011
EURSCHAEuro Schatz0.0100.010
ITBTP10YBTP Italian Bonds0.0200.020
JGB10YJapanese 10 YR0.0300.034
UKGBUK Long Gilt0.0100.012
UST05YUS 5 YR T-Note0.0140.014
UST10YUS 10 YR T-Note0.0310.031
UST30YUS T-Bond (30 year)0.0300.031

PPCUSDPeerCoin vs United States Dollar CFD0.1840.276
NMCUSDNameCoin vs United States Dollar CFD78957895
LTCUSDLite Coin vs United States Dollar CFD10501597
DSHUSDDash Coin vs United States Dollar CFD0.0001241
LNKUSDChainlink vs United States Dollar CFD0.0120.020
UNIUSDUniswap vs United States Dollar CFD0.0610.064
XTZUSDTezos vs United States Dollar CFD0.0030.026
XRPUSDRipple vs United States Dollar CFD0.0080.020
DOTUSDPolkadot vs United States Dollar CFD0.0110.013
ETHUSDEthereum vs United States Dollar CFD456011605
XLMUSDStellar vs United States Dollar CFD0.0000.000
EOSUSDEOS vs United States Dollar CFD0.0000.064
EMCUSDEmercoin vs United States Dollar CFD0.1570.157
DOGUSDDoge vs United States Dollar CFD0.0010.001
BTCUSDBitcoin vs United States Dollar CFD871042036
ADAUSDCardano vs United States Dollar CFD0.0010..003
BCHUSDBitcoin Cash vs United States Dollar CFD22105839
BNBUSDBinance Smartchain vs United States Dollar CFD12661415


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OFP Charity & Operation Smile

We, at OFP, aim not only to bring a change in the trading industry but also to give our best to impact the world positively. This is why OFP agreed with Operation Smile to give a fixed % every year of its revenue to help fund children’s cleft surgery.

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