OFP for Small traders

Our trading rules

OFP has just 3 simple rules that need to be followed to get a payout:

5%drawdown rule

Your equity or balance must not be less than or equal to your maximum daily balance minus the account margin. The account margin is 5% of your initial deposit balance. Each day is considered to start from midnight EET (GMT +2/+3).

Breaking the rule will result in the closure of the account.

Account margin:

Account size 5.0005% de margin 250
Account size 10.0005% de margin 500
Account size 25.0005% Margin 1.250
Account size 50.0005% Margin 2.500
Account size 100.0005% Margin 5.000
Drawdown rule Neither the equity nor the account balance may ever fall below 10% of the initial account balance. For instance, in an account with $100,000, neither the capital nor the balance can drop to $90,000 or below. Breaking this rule will result in the closure of the account
trade value rule
No trading day can account for 25% or more of the total cumulative Profit and Loss (PnL) since the last payout or account purchase. If an account has a score equal to or exceeding 25%, the payout will be postponed until the next review date and added to the subsequent payout. The score resets upon payout. Having a high inconsistency score will NOT result in the closure of the account.

Prohibited trading strategies

Tick speculation/trading, martingale trading, hedging, and news distribution methods are prohibited strategies that cannot be employed in all OFP accounts. The use of these strategies will result in the cancellation of the account

OFP for Small traders
Trading rules

Trading Style

You are allowed to use any genuine strategy you want, as well as swing trading and trading during the news. Remember that OFP promotes genuine trading behaviour, so every trade that is replicable in live market conditions is well accepted. (Please have a look at section 5 of the T&C regarding not permitted trading strategies).
NB: OFP does not allow any Experts/EA’s, and using them will result in account termination. Please remember that all the positions must be closed to receive a payout; otherwise, the payout will be deferred.

Trading rules

Monthly Payout

At the end of each month, the traders that respected all the rules will receive a payout of 80%, 60% 40% or 26% of the total profits generated during that trading month.


26% Example:

Starting Balance €100,000.
Ending Balance €120,000.
Payouts = 26% of €20,000 = €5,200

40% Example:

Starting Balance €100,000.
Ending Balance €120,000.
Payouts = 40% of €20,000 = €8,000.

60% Example:

Starting Balance €100,000.
Ending Balance €120,000.
Payouts = 60% of €20,000 = €12,000

80% Example:

Starting Balance €100,000.
Ending Balance €120,000.
Payouts = 80% of €20,000 = €16,000.

OFP Trading Rules
No renewal Fees

No Renewal Fees

OFP is not a subscription program. It means that the trader, having purchased the account, will be able to use it for as long as they wish, or until a violation has occurred. Each account has a LIFELONG duration. Enjoy your OFP account for the rest of your life.

No renewal Fees
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