Introducing FundedNext, where a captivating dance between challenges and profit sharing takes center stage… At the expense of traders. Let’s get to know their intriguing challenges: Evaluation, Express, and Stellar, each a puzzle in its own. And let’s not forget the 15% profit share, a figure that has certainly raised some eyebrows.

FundedNext’s Challenge Chronicles

FundedNext’s fascination with challenges is truly inspiring. They offer not one, not two, but three types of challenges for traders to prove their skills. It’s just what every trader dreams of – investing precious time, money and knowledge to trade someone else’s capital and earning only 15% of the profits. Right?

FundedNext’s 15% Profit Share Mystery

Now, let’s talk about that 15% profit share that FundedNext offers. Yes, 15%, the number that rings in every trader’s ear as they contemplate whether to cash in their hard-earned profits or to toss a coin and hope for a better outcome.

While traders dance on the edge of a 15% cliff, FundedNext seems to be doing some serious budgeting with their profits. After all, someone’s got to pay for all those “challenging” challenges, especially when it’s necessary to try them over and over again in order to pass.

Enter OFP Instant Funding, Where Profit Shares Shine

OFP appeared in the world of prop firms ready to rescue traders from the profit share abyss. While FundedNext is content with its 15%, OFP raises the stakes with a starting profit share of 26%, with the option of 40% either Monthly or Supercharged, a model that scales up profits even more. That’s right – more profits, less drama. OFP believes that traders deserve to be rewarded for their hard work, not treated to a fraction of the spoils.

Furthermore, OFP offers a wide range of options for traders to skyrocket their earnings while trading, such as a Fidelity Program, a robust Affiliate Program with an exclusive Dashboard and Referral Program that could win you up to 5,000 USD. To keep trading emotions in check, we offer a multilingual Mental Coach Program for traders with experts in psychology, available in English, Spanish and Italian.


With profit shares starting at 26% and going up to 40%, OFP proves that rewarding traders for their efforts isn’t an impossible challenge after all. Whether you are a beginner or experienced trader, all it takes to succeed is a prop firm that wants you to be the best version of yourself and navigate the trading industry as seamlessly as possible.

So, dear traders, as you navigate the profit share scenario to choose the best prop firm for you, remember that the choice between FundedNext and OFP is clear – and it’s definitely not a challenge to figure that one out. Get your account now!