How many prop accounts does OFP funding offer

One of the top firms for instant funding prop trading is OFP. It was started in the UK in 2021 with the intention of giving any trader the opportunity to trade with up to £5 million risk-free. Every month, OFP signs up an increasing number of traders, opening up a wide range of prospects in the trading industry. Fundamentally, OFP provides three distinct prop accounts that are flexible and trader-focused:

It’s important to note that no challenges, no verifications and no profit targets are required in order to receive a payout.

Benefits of opening prop accounts with OFP funding

OFP is able to distinguish itself from other prop companies. In order to concentrate on the customer experience, OFP has removed typical barriers to real capital, provided traders with simple, clear rules intended to safeguard them, and developed three account types that aim to further enable personalization. One can select between two ordinary monthly accounts and a supercharged, where profit splits are boosted up to a market-beating 40%. Instant funding has entered a new era. OFP instant funding is also really different from all the other prop firms offers and the following list includes all the benefits traders will get in joining an OFP program:

OFP funding vs. competitors

Ofp funding is really aimed at traders for succeeding in trading career, that is why there are no difficult rules for traders. Nowadays, most prop firms demand that traders complete an evaluation or challenge phase in order to gain access to a funded live account. It takes a while to find a significant balance with which to trade because most of them even have two steps in the evaluation phase with varying levels of requirements.

Additionally, traders must first demonstrate to the proprietary trading firm that they are a skilled trader and that their strategy is profitable. After doing an extensive study about prop firms OFP is currently the most balanced choice for traders to quickly obtain a funded account and learn how to become a successful funded trader.