How to manage your Coinbase underpayment

Underpayment can occur when the price volatility for the selected coin is high, thus the amount we receive is lower that the current price of the account you selected. To top up your payment and receive the account you can directly send the outstanding fee to our wallet.


One of our customer service agent will contact you in case an underpayment occured and tell you the amount of the outstanding fee.

You can then proceed with the payment by choosing one of the following wallets.



LTC BSC NETWORK 0x4e02bd0345ab6e8e5faace556d574975f1b36fdd

BTC BSC NETWORK 0x4e02bd0345ab6e8e5faace556d574975f1b36fdd


USDC BSC NETWORK 0x4e02bd0345ab6e8e5faace556d574975f1b36fdd

ETH ERC20 NETWORK 0x4e02bd0345ab6e8e5faace556d574975f1b36fdd


Once the transfer is complete, please reply to our agent with a screen of the transaction and he will send you the account credentials.

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