At the beginning of his career, Shaq had a $40 million contract with Reebok for 5 years.
One day, a woman started insulting him in every possible way because the shoes were too expensive, and his fans couldn’t afford them.
Initially, Shaq tried to explain that he doesn’t set the prices, but the woman wouldn’t listen and continued with the insults.
It left him quite unsettled, to the point where he decided that the woman was right after all.
So, on the same day, he called his agent to terminate the contract with Reebok.
He’ll still wear the shoes, but he doesn’t want money in return.
He just wants the opportunity to launch his independent brand.
His shoes will be as affordable as possible and will be available at his favorite store: Walmart.
His mission is to ensure that kids can afford them.
He doesn’t want to create exclusivity and unchecked desire. He simply wants to offer a product that his community can truly afford.
Kids are already going crazy for AIR Jordan on the streets; there’s no need for another brand like that.
So, since 2004, Shaq’s shoes have ranged from $10 to $34. Walmart has sold an incredible number: 120 million pairs.
There are different ways to achieve success.
Going in the opposite direction from the market leader.
Doing what feels right deep in your heart.
These are two important lessons that this story teaches us to remain successful regardless of the final outcome.
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