true forex funds

Ah, the world of forex trading! Where fortunes are made and lost faster than you can say “pip.” But fear not, dear aspiring traders, for the ever-so-gracious True Forex Funds has come to your rescue with their tantalizing 2-Phase Evaluation Program. Strap in, folks, because we’re about to take a hilarious rollercoaster ride through the land of promises and pip dreams!

Imagine that you’re sitting at your computer, surrounded by candlestick charts and Fibonacci retracement lines. Your dreams of becoming a successful trader are as vivid as the neon lights on a Las Vegas strip. Then, True Forex Funds enters the scene with an offer of instant funding… With a 2-Phase Evaluation Program.

At first glance, it seems like a reasonable idea – prove your skills, showcase your trading strategy, and demonstrate your prowess. But here’s the kicker: you have to pay them upfront for this privilege. It’s like paying a restaurant for the privilege of looking at their menu, only to discover that you need to pay extra to order anything.

Phase 1 and Phase 2 of Terror

Phase 1 of their program has a profit target of 8% with 5% maximum daily loss and 10% maximum overall loss – all of that within 30 days. If you manage to accomplish that, brace yourself for Phase 2, which comes with a 5% profit target and the same percentage of maximum daily and overall losses, and a deadline of 60 days. 

In tiny letters on their website, you can also find the information that the fee paid for the evaluation is only refundable if you pass it. They know that, statistically, the majority of people who enroll for these evaluations will fail, and that’s the trick. Interesting, right?

OFP, on the other hand, wants you to succeed in trading. That is why our model is different from other prop firms in the industry, with no challenges, evaluations, assessments or anything of the sort. We want your trading journey with us to be as smooth and profitable as possible.


As you navigate the wild world of forex trading, remember: True Forex Funds might promise you the moon and stars, but they’re more likely to leave you in the dark. It’s time to trade smarter, not like you’re auditioning for American Idol!

With OFP, there’s no need to perform tricks or jump through hoops. It’s as straightforward as pouring yourself a cup of coffee. You get your account within 24 hours with no evaluations, you trade, you keep your profits – simple as that. It’s like finally finding a unicorn in the world of prop firms. Join us now and be our next successful trader!