Funded next vs. OFP Funding

funded next versus ofp funds

Funded next is a new-comer prop firm in the game, which offers challenge model accounts and instant accounts called “express model” which differ a lot from the OFP funding ones. Let’s dive into the account type offered:

evaluation is a 2-stage challenge model where after passing the challenge traders obtain a funded live account.  Imagine, for instance, that a trader opened a trading account with a balance of $100,000 and that throughout phase one, the trader earned $10,000. Phase 2 followed, and the trader made an additional $5000 profit. When the trader reaches those goals, he will receive the genuine account, and he will receive a complete refund of his subscription price during the first payout of real account.

Express model allows traders to begin making money in the first month. As a potential trader at the beginning of trading the account, traders will be paid 15% of the profits.  Consider starting with a $100,000 financed account as an example. Assume for the purposes of this computation that a trader makes $15,000 after a month of trading, Traders will receive $2250.

FundedNext advantages:

OFP advantages:

OFP funding or Funded Next Express model: Which is better?

Express model and OFP model may seem similar, but in reality, they present different features. The express model account is a one-step evaluation procedure, to gain access to real money, traders must only prove themselves once. All they have to do is reach the growth target at 25%, which is a lot for the prop firm world standards. 15% Profit Share from the Demo Phase will be paid to traders who reach the 25% target. When the account is financed, traders will begin with a 60% profit split; but, as they make successful withdrawals, their profit share will rise until it reaches 90%. On the other hand, OFP offers instant accounts with a 26% to 40% profit split without any kind of target requirement. The OFP methodology will allow traders to make more money in the near future.