Best Days to Trade Forex Revealed – Mondays and Fridays Key for Success

Best Days to Trade Forex Revealed - Mondays and Fridays Key for Success

What are the best days of the week to trade Forex? Trading in the forex market is most advantageous during the midweek period of Tuesday to Thursday. This timeframe is characterized by heightened market volatility, offering consistent and lucrative trading prospects for individuals across various trading styles. The sustained level of volatility provides traders with […]

Understanding Proprietary Trading firms: effective strategies

proprietary trading firm

Prop Trading Firms: an overview of the basics Proprietary trading, commonly known as prop trading, involves financial institutions and hedge funds using their own funds for investments rather than managing client money. This allows them to directly earn profits from trades instead of relying solely on commissions. Historically, prop trading emerged as a means for […]

Unlocking Profit Potential: Exploring Hidden Divergences in Trading


Hidden Divergences in Trading Divergence, a pivotal concept in technical analysis, unfolds in two significant dimensions. If you’ve encountered the MACD indicator, denoting Moving Average Convergence Divergence, you’ve stepped into the realm where divergence takes center stage. In this context, divergence signifies the movement of two lines relative to each other – either diverging by […]