Master Trading Strategies and Forex Pairs for Profitable Results


What are forex pairs in trading? Exotic currency pairs are characterized by the pairing of two thinly traded currencies, making them less commonly exchanged in the market. Examples of such pairs include KES/TRY (Kenya shilling vs Turkish lira) or BRL/ZAR (Brazilian real vs South African rand), where trading activity is relatively limited on any given […]

Mastering Trading Strategies with AI Trading

AI trading

What is AI trading? AI trading involves the use of computer software that analyzes market data to formulate trading strategies. The unparalleled processing speed of AI tools has opened up new possibilities by swiftly handling large volumes of information, facilitating real-time decisions to buy or sell. Typically programmed with machine-learning techniques, these algorithms identify patterns […]

Mastering Position Sizing in Forex Trading: A Comprehensive Guide


How to calculate position sizing in forex trading? Ensuring precise position sizing to achieve a targeted risk level constitutes a fundamental aspect of forex trading. The ability to determine the appropriate size for positions is indispensable for the establishment of consistency in a trader’s endeavors. The absence of a systematic approach to position sizing contributes […]

Mastering Support and Resistance in trading: Effective Trading Strategies

support and resistance in trading

What are support and resistance in trading? Support and resistance in trading are integral to deciphering the strength of price trends in trading. These terms denote specific thresholds on a price chart that seem to confine the market’s oscillation. The support level marks where the price consistently halts its decline, rebounding upward, while the resistance […]

Effective Swing Trading Strategies for Financial Success

swing trading strategies

How To Get Prop Firm Funding as a Swing Trader In the realm of proprietary trading, the landscape is predominantly dominated by firms that emphasize high-frequency trading strategies, notably day trading, and discourage swing trading strategies. While some of the largest online proprietary firms do not provide conducive environments for swing traders, it is imperative […]