Trading Orderflow: Strategies and Risks in Financial Markets

What is Orderflow in Trading Order flow signifies the volume of pending orders at specific price levels. During a strong upward price trend, the imbalance between buyers and sellers propels prices higher, driven by increased buying interest. However, this momentum eventually wanes as sellers outnumber buyers, leading to a reversal and a downward price movement. […]

5 Reversal Patterns Every Trader Should Know

In the dynamic world of Forex trading, chart patterns serve as visual cues that reflect the sentiments of market participants toward specific currency pairs. These patterns, formed through the collective actions of significant market players safeguarding specific price levels, often result in profitable trades through price reversals. Reversal patterns, essential tools in Forex trading, appear […]

Understanding The OFP Trader Value Rule

What is the OFP Trader Value Rule? The trader value rule aims to encourage a trader’s consistency.  Simply put, you can calculate your score by taking the profits of your most profitable trading day and dividing it by your PnL of the current month (the sum of all your Profits and Losses calculated from your […]