Master Trading Strategies and Forex Pairs for Profitable Results


What are forex pairs in trading? Exotic currency pairs are characterized by the pairing of two thinly traded currencies, making them less commonly exchanged in the market. Examples of such pairs include KES/TRY (Kenya shilling vs Turkish lira) or BRL/ZAR (Brazilian real vs South African rand), where trading activity is relatively limited on any given […]

GBP/USD Surges on Strong Inflation, Solidifying Expectations of June Rate Hike

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The UK Consumer Price Index (CPI) remains steady at 8.7% YoY in May, while core inflation unexpectedly rises to 7.1% from 6.8%, indicating that inflationary pressures have not yet peaked. The surge is attributed to factors such as used car prices, recreation, and airline tickets, suggesting that inflation extends beyond food and fuel. This data […]

Feasibility of a BRICS Currency: Balancing Benefits and Challenges

brics currency illustration that could shake dollar s dominance

As the BRICS nations contemplate the introduction of a common reserve currency, concerns arise regarding its viability and the potential advantages it may offer. This article critically examines the BRICS bloc’s capacity to develop a global currency comparable to the US dollar, with a particular focus on India’s challenges in embracing this initiative. While internal […]

Japanese Yen’s Resilience Amid Policy Stance

The Japanese Yen Price Action Setup

The Japanese Yen has managed to surprise and intrigue market participants who were expecting a policy shift from the Bank of Japan (BoJ) with the arrival of Governor Ueda. However, Governor Ueda remains steadfast in his position that a change in policy is not imminent. Despite this, recent comments from Governor Ueda and the Japanese […]

EU’s Perspective on Forex Trading with Currency Correlations

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In forex trading, understanding the relationship between currency pairs is critical for success. One of the key aspects of this relationship is currency correlations, which measure how two or more currencies move concerning each other. This article, published originally on The Portugal News website, explores the concept of currency correlations in forex trading from the […]

Euro Falls from Two-Week High Amid Profit-Taking

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The euro retreated from its two-week high against the US dollar, experiencing its first loss in four days due to profit-taking, according to a recent article on The euro had previously climbed above $1.1, with bullish comments from ECB officials further bolstering its prospects for a rate hike of 0.5% this week, pushing it […]