Why drawdown rules are essential for Prop Traders

drawdown rules

Most Forex prop companies have fairly severe daily and maximum drawdown rules. Even if they are successful traders when trading their own accounts, this results in traders routinely failing challenges. These drawdown restrictions are in place for a good reason because doing so will demonstrate the readiness to trade significant quantities of money. Fortunately, there […]

MFF My Forex Funds Prop Firm Shutdown: What Happened?

my forex funds

In an unexpected turn of events, My Forex Funds, a well-known prop trading firm, faced an abrupt shutdown. Traders and investors associated with the firm were left bewildered as they received the news that provincial securities regulators in Canada and commodities regulators in the United States had issued orders preventing the firm from trading securities […]

Unveiling the Illusion: True Forex Funds and Their 2-Phase Evaluation Program

true forex funds

Ah, the world of forex trading! Where fortunes are made and lost faster than you can say “pip.” But fear not, dear aspiring traders, for the ever-so-gracious True Forex Funds has come to your rescue with their tantalizing 2-Phase Evaluation Program. Strap in, folks, because we’re about to take a hilarious rollercoaster ride through the […]

Shaq’s Story: A Lesson in Changing the Game of Prop Trading

prop trading

At the beginning of his career, Shaq had a $40 million contract with Reebok for 5 years. One day, a woman started insulting him in every possible way because the shoes were too expensive, and his fans couldn’t afford them. Initially, Shaq tried to explain that he doesn’t set the prices, but the woman wouldn’t […]

The ultimate guide to prop trading: everything you need to know

prop trading

Prop trading, as it is commonly known, is the activity of trading financial assets using a company’s own funds rather than those of its clients. Prop trading companies participate in a variety of financial markets, such as stocks, bonds, currencies, and derivatives, using their own money. Successful prop traders have the potential to produce substantial […]

$250 Audition Fee? Unmasking SurgeTrader’s Trading Circus


Ladies and gentlemen, gather ’round as we lift the curtain on the latest spectacle in the world of trading: the SurgeTrader audition! But wait, before you rush to pay that $250 Audition Fee for a simple 25K account, let’s take a closer look at the absurdity that unfolds within this trading circus. The Grand Entrance […]

Target Profit Illusions Exposed: the My Forex Funds Mirage

my forex funds

In the wacky world of forex, where trading dreams and reality often share a complicated relationship, there’s a new player in town, or rather, a self-proclaimed forex maestro called My Forex Funds. With a 8% profit target in their evaluation phase, things might not be as easy as they seem. So, grab your popcorn as […]

Benefits and Advantages of Affiliate Program for Prop Trading

ofp affiliate program

What can an investor or trader do to boost their income? They  might want to think about signing up for an affiliate program for prop trading. By introducing other traders to proprietary trading businesses, they can earn commissions. These programs also include a number of incentives that can help them develop their trading abilities and […]

The Funded Trader Challenges: A Comedy of Errors

the funded trader

Ladies and gentlemen, gather around! Today, we are going to delve into the ludicrous world of The Funded Trader. Brace yourselves for a rollercoaster of emotions, from frustration to hilarity, as we explore why buying an account with them might not be the easy solution you think. Fear not, for we have a beacon of […]

How does an Affiliate Program work?

OFP affiliate program

There are various processes involved in becoming an affiliate marketer and earning commissions from OFP affiliate program: Locate the program: In order to join OFP affiliate program, the trader must find the website which is : https://ofpfunding.com/ Sign Up: The trader must enroll in the affiliate program. This entails completing an application and accepting the […]